"The mission of Greenwich Green & Clean is to create a cleaner and more beautiful environment in which we live and work"


Why should I support Greenwich Green & Clean?

Our hanging baskets, summer and winter, have become a symbol of the unique beauty of Greenwich and the visible success of Greenwich Green & Clean. While the scope of our projects has expanded, the basic mission remains the same: to create a cleaner, more beautiful environment throughout Greenwich. Recently in Central Greenwich, we replaced dirt-encrusted trash and recycling receptacles and ugly newspaper bending machines partially engulfed by huge weeds with tidy green receptacles and kiosks. Greenwich Green & Clean keeps a watchful eye on these improvements as we do on the beautiful lampposts for which we raised private donations a few years ago.

Each Spring we sponsor a town-wide cleanup day, organize innumerable outings to clean parks, beaches and riverbanks, pull miles of invasive wines and convince neighbors to adopt many traffic islands. Each Fall we repeat our routines whiles our numerous volunteers plant thousands of daffodil bulbs on public properties.

All over town we help neighborhoods plant shrubs and bulbs. Many of our board members serve on local commissions and committees where aesthetic plans are made and then implemented.

With each passing year, “luxuries” like flowers are slashed from state and local budgets. It is becoming increasingly more important for public/private partnerships like ours to enlist everyone’s support.

Why does Greenwich need us?

All over America, groups similar to Greenwich Green & Clean have reached the same conclusion: flowers and beauty are a deterrent to trash. The quality of one’s life is inevitably affected by ones environment. Children growing up surrounded by piles of discarded cans, bottles, food wrappers and garbage often lack motivation. Orderly surrounding and beautiful flowers and trees engender optimism for people of all ages.

Thank you in advance for your support.